Niffler: The ML-enabled analytic platform for brands and agencies

It’s no longer enough to have “key metrics”, you need advanced insights into hidden pattens that can differentiate your product and strategy in the ultra-competitive market. Data Discovery Sprints with Niffler are the fastest way to find out how to start applying the most cutting-edge data science and analytics for your brands. Don’t invest months of time, invest two weeks.

The basics

What is Data Discovery Sprint?


The Data Discovery Sprint is essentially a 10-day intense audit, set-up and planning process. We start working with you to define the challenges and scope of the complete data analytics ecosystem. After that, the next step is about bringing your data together and working through possible scenarios and solutions. We also rapidly build data connections and template insight dashboards specifically for your project.  

The process

The four steps of a Data Discovery Sprint

The tools

Just a few examples of our Discovery toolbox

Behavioural segmentation
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Navigational pattern analytics
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Investor Product Analytics
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Churn rate analysis & prediction
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The result

What is the exact outcome?

The outcome of every Data Discovery Sprint is a set of bespoke KPI dashboards, the core of your bespoke ecosystem including data warehousing solution and detailed analytics implementation roadmap.
Next steps

What happens after a Data Discovery Sprint?

Once you have a tangible data representation of your product in your hand, and real user insights to guide your next steps, making decisions becomes a lot easier. You can develop it further with adding all data sources or start using straight away.
Data Ecosystem
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Bespoke customer modelling
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Data-driven product engineering
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Business KPI analytics
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