Validate your idea and design the product

Product Design Sprint is a structured, focused process for rapid technological discovery. It uses the power of Niffler tools to define your product and saves potentially months of development work by intelligent tech research and planning.

The basics

Why Product Discovery?

The Product Discovery sprint is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to translate your vision into a solid base for a successful technology business. It’s designed to provide an effective solution to the technology innovation challenge you are facing.

Product Discovery is essential for creating a usable, engaging app. It covers requirement gathering, technical feasibility research and creation of a technical specification, as well as analysis of user expectations in regards to the design, interface and interactive elements that are essential for achieving fast user acceptance and reaching the target business KPIs.

Product Discovery

The Principles

Based on the concepts of Agile product innovation and Lean start-up, the Product Design Sprint is guided by the core principles:

  • From the inception, we plan a solid foundation for a fast-growing startup business model, deploying technology stack and architecture that will expand as the operations grow.
  • Focus on product-market fit. Design a service that meets a real business opportunity and can be successfully used by users.
  • Data-driven decision making. Constant analytics of user, business and market requirements; tracking and optimisation.
  • Iterative approach to product releases. Focus on the minimum required functionality to achieve the next business milestone.
  • Cost-efficiency: where not in disagreement with other principles, use open source and third-party systems and distributed teams for fast and cost-efficient prototyping.
  • Scalability. Plan in advance for the future extension of the system based on the business plan.
Product Design

What it includes

The Product Design Sprint lasts from one the three weeks and covers all the basics for successful product innovation.

  • Gathering requirements, needs and suggestions for product development
  • Team understands the business vision and general market environment
  • Technical research. Detailed review of the required technology stack and third-party services. 
  • User analysis: Personas, Stories
  • Creation of product technical and component structure
  • Basic wireframes based on the gathered information and business needs
  • User Experience research
  • Page, user flow and UI designs
  • Research the competitor and other systems the target users are accustomed to
  • User data monitoring system and business dashboards
The result

What is the exact outcome?

The outcome of every Product Design sprint is a detailed product specification with implementation roadmap and clear insights on where to go next, as well as a visual prototype of your product.

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