Data storytelling

The people and businesses behind the numbers.
The problem

The data challenge

These days, users and organisations alike generate terabytes of data, and it is not a problem to access it. But data by itself is not very useful, it’s hard to manually make sense out of it, especially considering all the ‘bad’ data such as noise, errors, integration conflicts.

The second problem typically happens when the analytical work is done for its own sake, when numerous dashboards and meaningless charts take the valuable time and focus away from your team.

It is easy to arrive at the point of ‘analysis paralysis’, when more insights mean more headache and less confidence. So what to do?

The solution

Data storytelling

Intelligent Data visualisation and dashboards allow you to create stories around your user experience with the product, so your audience can grasp complicated patterns and insights to make right decisions much faster.

For every product company it is important to have own analytical control panel, that represent key metrics, so you will monitor your product performance, quickly handle nascent problems and find out the vectors of future growth. 

Story-telling data control panels for:

  • Investors: impress your current and potential investors with your mastery of data, its availability and transparency.
  • KPI progress and system health-check for the top management
  • Tactical insights for operational teams: marketing, content, finance. 
  • User stories for the technical teams.

How to start with data storytelling

Data storytelling is one of Niffler main features as we strongly believe that good insights are an integral part of tech product success. Sign up now to start your data journey. 

  • First, define your business goals and KPIs, and understand how they relate to the product performance. Explore Business KPI data strategy recommendations.
  • Then bring all the data sources together. Read more about creating your Data Ecosystem here.
  • Lastly, automate your user and business stories with Niffler and create data control panels for your stakeholders. 

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