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Navigational pattern modelling

The challenge

Why Navigational Patterns?

One of the most important things in a good UX, and in a good product, is a clear and convenient user flow system: it guides the customers along their whole journey and is directly impacting the funnel conversion rate, product sales and engagement.

During the product planning process, designers create an interface based only on their own expertise, but that is not enough. 

Here are some of the most common issues.

  • Difficult interface and complicated structure

    Users don’t have to be forced to overthink their interaction with the product; if they meet any difficulties they will likely go away.

  • The current flow in not the most effective one

    There are possibilities for alternative navigational pattern that would create better performance.

  • Extra steps

    Less time users spend on actions, more likely they convert.

the solution

The Science of A Perfect User Journey

Niffler researchers developed a unique technology that allows to automatically discover navigation patterns in seconds, and assess their impact on the product KPI performance. The solution is based on the Natural Language Processing techniques and uses customer behaviour data, that includes page/screen views, events, time indicators and other metrics. The system provides the results in the form of clear insight visualisations. It uses proprietary Extract, Transform, and Load layers for wide range of data sources, from Google Analytics, Big Query to most common databases, to quickly start work with your data.

As the result, you get actionable recommendations for your design and front-end team and front-end team on how to create a perfect user flow that support your business goals.


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